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The West Virginia Network of Ethics Committee (WVNEC) publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members. We are always looking for interesting ethics topics, cases, and perspectives to share with our WVNEC Newsletter readers. If you would like to contribute by sharing your difficult cases, suggesting an idea for an article, or WRITING an article, please consider doing so. Anyone in a health related field, or who has interacted with the healthcare community, can submit ideas or article to be considered for inclusion in the newsletter. 

Also, we would like to provide students with an opportunity to have their voices heard in the “Student Corner” section of the newsletter. If you know of or work with a student(s) who may be interested in ethics and would like to write for the newsletter, please encourage them to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to give the future of healthcare a vehicle to share their perspectives. To inquire about any of these opportunities please contact Linda McMillen at 304-293-7618 or lmcmillen@hsc.wvu.edu.

Listed below are a few samples of our newsletter and the cover article for that specific edition.  For a complete list of all the articles that have appeared in our newsletter.  CLICK HERE.

Spring 2021 - Can Physicians and Clinical Ethicists Remain Neutral Toward Religious Beliefs?

Winter-Spring 2020 - Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide for Psychiatric and Dementia Patients in the Netherlands:
Is There a Case to be Made for Mission Drift?

Summer 2019 - Mental Health Care in Nursing Homes

Summer 2018 - The Role of Chaplain in Healthcare Ethics

Winter 2017 - The Role of the Brain in Substance Use