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WVNEC Online Webinar - Completing the POST Form.


Advance care planning refers to a process of conversation between the physician (or non-physician professional) and the patient, preferably with the patient’s trusted family member or friend, about the patient’s wishes for future medical treatment. For patients who are seriously ill with a life-limiting illness, use of the POST form has been found to better direct end-of- life care consistent with patients’ wishes compared to advance directives. This program will identify the advantages of POST forms for seriously ill patients, present a step-by- step approach to completing a POST form, and describe how to bill for advance care planning including POST form completion. This program will include 1) a video demonstrating how to conduct a POST form conversation, 2) a checklist to assist with completion of sections A through C of the POST form, 3) sample documentation of advance care planning for the electronic health record, and 4) instructions on how to bill the advance care planning codes.

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WVNEC Online Webinar - Advance Care Planning: Why, What and How.

Advance care planning refers to a process of conversation between the physician (or other advance practice provider APP) and the patient, preferably with the patient’s trusted family member or friend, about the patient’s wishes for future medical treatment. This program will provide 1) a sequence of steps for physicians and APPs to create an advance care plan, 2) video demonstrations of advance care planning conversations with patients in good health and those with advanced illness, and 3) information on how to bill for Medicare patients for advance care planning discussions.

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2016-2017 WVNEC Noon Webinar Series:  Developing Competency in Clinical Ethics Consultation

March 29, 2017 - In anticipation of a clinical ethics consultant certification process, WVNEC will continue to focus this webinar series on helping to prepare its interested members for certification. The American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH), the largest bioethics society in the US, has developed a quality attestation process through which ASBH will “attest to” and confirm the quality of clinical ethics consultants based upon consultant experience, education, and demonstration of clinical ethics consultation skills. This webinar series will prepare ethics consultants to apply the process of ethical decision-making and West Virginia health care law, and utilize ethics consultant core competencies to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical conflicts in increasingly frequent cases confronting ethics committees. 

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2017 WVNEC Annual May Symposium

May 17, 2017 - Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, WV

This symposium marks the 30th anniversary of WVNEC! Keynote speaker, Martin L. Smith, STD, director of one of the largest ethics consultation services in the country at the Cleveland Clinic, will provide a 30-year retrospective on ethics consultation in the US and point to its future. This future includes professionalization of ethics consultants with licensure or certification. Dr. Smith will discuss the impetus for this change and the likely processes by which this will occur. As in past WVNEC symposia, multiple speakers will present cases and approaches to increase participants’ knowledge of and skills in ethics consultation. This symposium will also feature the ever popular opening case presentation with panel and audience participation and setting-specific breakout groups to discuss challenging cases.

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For more information on these programs, call Linda McMillen toll free at 1-877-209-8086.