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34th Annual WVNEC Symposium:  Moral Distress, COVID Ethical Challenges, and the New Urgency of Clinical Ethics in Patient Care


In 2021, one of the major challenges in healthcare was having the knowledge and skills to be able to address clinical ethical issues in patient care. Issues such as the following were a few of them: 1) how should we allocate the limited ICU beds, 2) on what basis should we decide who has priority for access to a limited number of vaccines (early in the year), 3) how can we accommodate infection control concerns and the humanity of no one dies alone, or 4) how should we respond to the moral distress of staff who are being required to provide care in a manner in which they are not comfortable.

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June 15, 2022 - Discharge against Medical Advice: Potentially Fraught with Ethical and Legal Issues

This webinar will address Discharge Against Medical Advice (DAMA) which has been found to occur with 1-2% of hospital admissions. The traditional focus with DAMA has been to get patients to sign a form acknowledging that they are leaving the hospital against medical advice. However, failure to properly inform a patient about the specific risks of DAMA may create legal   liability despite the patient’s refusal of care.

It turns out that the preferred approach to DAMA is to use shared decision-making and an Ask-Tell-Ask method to explore the patient’s understanding of his/her condition and the reason for hospitalization, and to ensure that leaving the hospital is really consistent with the patient’s values, preferences, and goals. Learn a comprehensive approach to address ethical and legal issues and to decrease DAMA.


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